2nd annual Restaurant Week kicks off in Jersey City to help support local businesses

Restaurant Week kicked off in Jersey City on Monday to help support local businesses as they navigate their way back to normalcy.
The event was started last year to help struggling restaurants. More than 70 restaurants are participating this year.
"It comes back to asking the Jersey City community to come out and spend some money because the restaurants need the support,” says Mayor Steven Fulop.
Julian Muscio was able to keep Luna Restaurant and Bar open during the pandemic by adapting over the last two years.
"The last two years I'd define it as a roller coaster,” Muscio says.
As the masks come off and restaurants fill back up, Muscio says new challenges are arising in the road to financial recovery.
“More than anything recently, that's the newest thing we are tackling-- a big price increase on many things or unavailability on many things,” he says.
Some business boosters that Jersey City launched during the pandemic are set to stay, such as outdoor parklets and Restaurant Week.
“When we closed, rent didn't stop, bills didn't stop... it all accumulated. So, it's helpful that the mayor took that into account and continued that process,” says Israel Giles, the owner of Ani Ramen.
Muscio adds, “I was already projecting it to be a pretty big spring and I think Restaurant Week and those participating in it will be beneficial because it'll get people in the door."