2022 Fleet Week: News 12’s Jim Murdoch gets front seat view of the ships entering the harbor

Fleet Week, an annual celebration of the sea services, began Wednesday morning in New York Harbor following a two-year hiatus.
It’s a tradition dating back to 1984 -- a chance for the public to get up close and personal with some of the warships and Coast Guard vessels they might not get a chance to see.
“It's a pleasure to have [News 12 New Jersey] with us for this wonderful day and the beginning to the Memorial Day weekend,” said Mark Fleader, of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. “It's an honor to be a part of the security patrol for these ships coming into harbor and they'll be open to the public to tours for the next three days. We hope the public will come and visit and say thank you to the sailors who man those ships here in New York and all over the world protecting our freedom.”
There was a wide variety of ships that passed underneath the Verrazano Bridge. 
“Yes indeed, even a warship from our sister in Canada, and as we say not only do we remember those who are active duty, who are still with us after active duty, but we also remember those who are always still on patrol,” says Fleader.
Fleet Week will also feature free concerts and Memorial Day services on Monday.