2 people jump from window to escape Highland Park house fire

Two people were forced to jump from a second-story window to escape a house fire, according to witnesses.
The fire broke out in a home on South Adelaide Avenue in Highland Park around 12 p.m. Tuesday.
"Two people jumped out of the window and possible got injured," said neighbor Wilfredo Roman. "Probably broke their legs."
The two people were taken to the hospital. Their injuries were not immediately known, but they are expected to be OK.
News 12 New Jersey was told that a firefighter was also taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. 
"It's a hot day, so it made for rough conditions for the guys here on the scene," said Highland Park Fire Department Assistant Chief Marc Robinson. "Luckily we had enough manpower from surrounding towns."
Temperatures in Highland Park reached the low-90s Tuesday afternoon.