2 clients sue pet sitter after dogs go missing, get hurt

Two clients of a dog sitter have filed a lawsuit after one of their dogs went missing and the other lost an eye.
An attorney representing the families says that sitter Nicole DeBellis, of Fairfield, did not show remorse or offer a real apology after the incidents.
The lawsuit centers around two dogs.  Louie, a Maltese, and Lexi, a Yorkshire terrier.
Louie lost an eye while under DeBellis’s care. DeBellis’s own dog mauled Louie, according to attorney Darren DelSardo.
DelSardo says that DeBellis told that family, "Both dogs went to grab food and somehow Louie got attacked by [her] dog."
DelSardo also says that Lexi, the Yorkshire terrier, went missing while inside DeBellis’s fenced-in yard.
"Five-pound dogs shouldn't be left alone unattended for any period of time,” DelSardo says. “That's what she was being paid for, to watch dogs.  She couldn't even do that."
DeBellis’s attorney says that she is being unfairly portrayed by the media.
“She is an animal lover…the allegations are an attempt to hurt my client,” the attorney said in a statement to News 12.
When asked about the missing dog, the attorney said, “Efforts were made the find the dog.”
But the pet owners say that they are not satisfied with those answers.
DelSardo says that the families are seeking the truth, “to find out what happened to these animals that they loved.”
Lexi’s owners are still looking for her.