1st transgender Republican runs for state Assembly

An Assembly race in Central Jersey could make history.
Trenton resident Jennifer Williams is running as a Republican against Democratic incumbents. Williams is transgender and if elected, would be the first transgender Republican legislator in the United States.
"Everyone wants to hear some leadership, they want to hear a plan and they really want to know that you're going to fight for them," says Williams.
Williams is running against incumbent Democrats Anthony Verelli and Verlina Reynolds Jackson for a seat in the state Assembly.

If Williams is elected, she wouldn't just be the first Republican elected to the Assembly from the district since 1991. She would also be the first transgender Republican representative in the country.
"It's part of who I am, but I'm running to basically help save New Jersey," Williams says. "My being transgender, my being LGBTQ, yeah it's an important part of me, it's how important liberties and freedoms are, particularly in this country."
Williams is the chair of the Trenton Republican club and worked for Bob Hugin's Senate campaign last year. But she realizes an unpopular Republican president who has instituted a transgender ban is going to cause some questions on the campaign trail. She stresses she is not on the ballot with President Trump.
"This is a state race I'm running and I really want to focus on the race," says Williams. "But my experience from New Jersey Republicans, Republicans I have met at the RNC -- I was a delegate at the RNC -- have been outstanding."
Williams is also trying to bring out Republican voters for the primary election on Tuesday, June 4. She is running unopposed in the race to receive her party's official nomination.