18-year-old boy erects 30-foot inflatable menorah near turnpike

It’s the fifth night of Hannukah, and one 18-year-old boy is making sure everyone who drives down the turnpike knows it.
Mendel Azimov, of South Brunswick, managed to get a 30-foot inflatable menorah made and placed near exit 8 of the turnpike. 
Azimov is a rabbinical student who says he wanted to spread the light of the menorah, and the message of Hannukah to all motorists in New Jersey.
"This menorah, it's one of a kind,” says Rabbi Levi Azimov, with the Chabad of South Brunswick. “The size of it, the mechanics of it. We have good friends here that own this company. We have their permission to put up this beautiful menorah to shine light to all the motors up and down through our New Jersey Turnpike"
The hope is the tradition catches on in other towns.