14 NJ Transit workers file lawsuit claiming agency does not protect them from passengers

Over a dozen New Jersey Transit employees are suing the company over what they say are abusive customers.
Fourteen workers signed on for the lawsuit and say that NJ Transit leadership knew about the abuse the employees endured and did nothing to protect them.
The workers say that they have been spit on, threatened with knives and beaten up by angry passengers.
A crew member says he was beaten up after telling a passenger to wear a mask on the train. Specifically, the suit says, when the customer was told to get off the train, "the passenger began to kick the conductor and punched him in the forehead. When the plaintiff requested police, the lawsuit states, “there were no police on the platform."
The lawsuit also claims that NJ Transit failed to put cameras on trains, failed to place security on trains and platforms, failed to provide workers with pepper spray and Tasers, and failed to offer a safe place for employees to escape from dangerous passengers.
Gov. Phil Murphy did sign a law in January to help transit workers following an assault. The law increases penalties and even allows NJ Transit to ban riders. But the law does not help to prevent the abuse rail workers experience on the job.
NJ Transit officials have not commented on the lawsuit.