100 California families to get $500 a month to spend on anything

One city in California is taking part in a unique research project.
A hundred families in Stockton will get $500 a month for a year and a half to spend on just about anything.
It's called the "Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration" plan.
Mailers will go out to eligible families later this year, and a few weeks later, those who qualify will be notified.
People can spend the money on whatever they want -- and the city really means whatever they want.
"This is not taxpayer funded and it's funded by initial grant from the economic security project and we've raised more money on top of that," says Mayor Michael Tubbs. "No restrictions on how people can use the money, so if people use it for drugs and alcohol that's their prerogative."
Researchers plan to take a look at how people spend the money.
The people not selected will be a part of the study as well.
They will be compared to the people who received the stipend.