Want to take an explosive virtual field trip? Check out volcanoes in these 5 US regions

If you’re looking to take an explosive virtual field trip – look no further than these awesome volcano sites!
The U.S. Geological Survey monitors volcanoes in the United States. 
The five websites below let you click on, and learn about any volcano in the country:

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Here you can see images of the volcanoes in Alaska, get a weekly update on activity and see webcams streaming live. 

California Volcano Observatory

The California Volcano Observatory aims to advance scientific understanding of volcanic processes and lessen the harmful impacts of volcanic activity in the volcanically active areas of California and Nevada. Click on its interactive map to learn more about each volcano.

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Cascades Volcano Observatory strives to serve the national interest by helping people to live knowledgeably and safely with volcanoes in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory monitors the active volcanoes in Hawaii, assesses their hazards, issues warnings, and advances scientific understanding to reduce impacts of volcanic eruptions. Click on the interactive map to learn more about each volcano, and check out which ones are active at the moment.

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory is a consortium of nine state and federal agencies who provide timely monitoring and hazard assessment of volcanic, hydrothermal, and earthquake activity in the Yellowstone Plateau region. Click on the interactive map to learn more about each volcano.