US Postal Service investigates pile of mail found dumped in North Arlington

The United States Postal Service is investigating a pile of mail that was dumped in North Arlington.
A photo posted on Twitter by political insider David Wildstein shows the mail scattered on the ground next to a dumpster. It also appears that some mail-in ballots were among the pieces of mail in the pile.
Wildstein wrote in the tweet, "Hey, @USPS: mail found dumped in North Arlington -- more than 200 pounds of it, according to the man who found it -- includes ballots for the upcoming election. The destination for the mail is West Orange. Man says he reported it to local police. Transparency is key here."
The USPS has confirmed that the mail was destined for residents in West Orange. It was unclear how mail that was supposed to be delivered in Essex County made its way to Bergen County. Postal officials said that the matter has been referred to the Office of Inspector General in Washington, D.C.
The mail was eventually delivered to the correct recipients on Saturday. But it brings into question the reliability of the Postal Service to deliver election ballots.
Anyone who does not receive their mail-in ballots can get one from their county clerk.
Concerning the mail-in election process, Bergen County Board of Election Commissioner Rich Miller tells News 12 New Jersey, "We expect over 500,000 ballots. When dealing with that much paper, there'll be missteps. We are trying to safeguard ballots and do the best job possible."
Miller also says that every borough hall in Bergen County will have secure ballot drop boxes. Members of the Board of Elections along with a sheriff's officer collect every ballot from each of those boxes. Bergen County already has received 30,000 ballots back from voters. During the July primary, the county processed just 120 mail-in ballots.
A list of secure ballot drop boxes for the state can be found on the state’s election website.