Survey suggests many are tired of working from home and miss social interaction

A new survey suggests that many people have grown tired of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and miss the social interactions of an office.
For the people who miss their co-workers or those who are too distracted working from home, there are some solutions. The CoLab at Bell Works in Holmdel offers office space for rent, which fulfills the need for socialization.
“A lot of people have been cooped up at home for several months now. They’re looking to feed off the energy that you expect to get at an office,” says CoLab managing director Sean Donohue.
The rentable office space offers all the perks of working from an office, in a COVID-compliant setting.
“We want to create an environment that feels social, but at the same time, we are leading with compliance – spacing out work stations, adding private offices,” Donohue says.
And this is something that businesses are on board with.
“You can close your office and be there by yourself or you can come out and engage with other people, so that’s always good,” says William Rivera, with WJ Media Group.
The survey found other reasons people wanted to go back to the office is to escape from distractions at home and creating a work and home life balance.