Potential Wednesday afternoon thunderstorms bring risk of heavy rain, high winds

New Jersey residents were treated to beautiful weather on Tuesday ahead of the potential for thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon.
News 12 New Jersey Meteorologist Dave Curren says that a storm system out in the Midwest is heading toward New Jersey that is expected to produce heavy rain and strong winds.
Curren says that the primary threat for storms on Wednesday will be damaging winds with gusts between 50-60 mph. Straight line winds or microbursts between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. could cause damage around the state by uprooting trees or bringing down power lines. There is also the possibility of thunderstorms that could become severe. Temperatures on Wednesday will be in the mid-60s.
Temperatures for Thursday morning will drop to the low-30s, which is below-average for this time of year. Wind gusts on Thursday will make temperatures feel as if they are in the mid-20s in the morning. Temperatures will rise to the low-50s by the afternoon, with an increase in clouds.
Friday will see mainly sunny skies with some clouds in the afternoon. High temperatures will be in the low-60s. Clear skies are expected overnight with temperatures dipping into the upper-40s.
Rain is expected to return by Sunday morning.