Shrewsbury guitar business thriving during coronavirus pandemic

A business in Shrewsbury that's all about the music has not only survived, but thrived during the coronavirus pandemic.
"Being able to grab something and kind of like just get out feelings, just didn't know you really had,” says Chris Szczerbinski. 
Szczerbinski took his passion for playing guitar and turned it into a profession in Shrewsbury.
"Be Sharp Guitars is mostly a repair shop,” says Szczerbinski. "We do modifications. We do set ups, basic repairs. I started the business because I play guitar myself and I just wanted to work on my own pieces and then when I really mastered that skill, I was like, I can do this for other people."
The business has been going for eight years strong, and not even the pandemic could have cut that cord.
"A lot of people who were staying at home now reached into their closets, they found guitars in their house and they brought out all these guitars and started playing them at home,” says Szczerbinski. "So, it was really nice thing to be able to see people who found this passion or reignited this passion."
Be Sharp Guitars is open Tuesday through Saturday.