Rockland health care worker, breast cancer survivor shares tips for handling cancer diagnosis

A 36-year-old Rockland health care worker is sharing her story of how she discovered she had breast cancer.
In 2008, Danielle Calvano found a lump and soon found out she had cancer. She says she had an aggressive tumor, so she needed surgery and chemotherapy, which lasted 15 months.
She was a physician's assistant in the emergency room at White Plains Hospital at the time of her diagnosis. Calvano is now the clinical program manager at White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care. She is helping other breast cancer patients navigate the same painful diagnosis she did.
She has been free of breast cancer for 12 years now.
"There are 3.5 million survivors in the United States right now. And although you feel alone, there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel," said Calvano.
She also shared a list of tips:
1. Get a really comfortable blanket, something that could be your go-to that will keep you warm during chemotherapy visits.
2. Find a good inspirational book, something that you can find peace in and something you can read and help you forget about what's going on around you.
3. Get a comfy pillow. When you have surgery you have incisions. You have to go to and from the doctor's offices in the car, and so you need some protection from the seatbelt.
4. A pair of warm fuzzy socks are great to keep your feet warm during chemotherapy visits.