‘It’s all about choice’: Hundreds gather in hope of changing state mandated COVID-19 vaccine deadline

Employees from all walks of life gathered outside the Statehouse in Trenton today hoping to change the state COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 
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Those protesting want one thing -- choice. The organizer and everyone involved is making it clear. If you want to get vaccinated, that’s fine, but don’t force them to get the shots and don’t force their kids to wear masks in school, they say.  
“Choice is being taken away,” says Jennifer Mess, of Freedom Loving Teachers of New Jersey. “You cannot divide and conquer us anymore.”
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Rallying for their freedom -- that’s why many of New Jersey’s public workers, including teachers and health care first responders have gathered for in Trenton.  
“It’s all about choice,” says Devon Dimaria, of Point Pleasant. “You can’t inject health. Support your immune system and just let everybody have a choice, that’s all.”
The choice includes allowing their children to attend school without a mask.  
“We are actually homeschooled this year because of the mask mandate,” says Madi Hopko, a Warren Hills High School sophomore. “Our schools are threatening to put a vaccination mandate in our schools, so our parents homeschooled all of us.”
Oct. 18 was the deadline for all workers in preschool through grade 12 schools to be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or subject to testing. All workers at state agencies, authorities, colleges and universities will also be required to be fully vaccinated or subject to testing.
By Nov. 1, all workers in all child care facilities will be required to be fully vaccinated or subject to ongoing weekly testing.