Learning Community Charter School marks Indigenous Peoples' Day with history lesson

Many schools across New Jersey have the day off today for Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples' Day, but for one school in Jersey City -- class is in session.
Class was in session at the Learning Community Charter School for some on subject learning. Students learned about the culture and history of indigenous people in the United States. It's not about choosing one holiday over the other, but rather the start of a larger conversation and a larger celebration of people.
The morning started with song. Fourth grader Francesca DiMartino was part of the choir that performed the Native American song for their school.
“We learn part of the song so it's very important for us to share it with the rest of the school,” says DiMartino.
It's just one part of the day's curriculum -- recognizing and celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
“We are the most diverse school with the most diverse staff in the state, and it would just be strange if we weren't recognizing why we value diversity itself,” says Colin Hogan.
Hogan is the head of the charter school. He and his staff received guidance from an indigenous school leader on how to make the learning community charter school's first Indigenous Peoples’ Day valuable and culturally accurate.
“We wanted to make sure it was a full experience so every student could come home really having a better sense and understanding of what indigenous culture has contributed to our own culture and our nation,” says Hogan.
Students learned about the influence that Native Americans have and continue to have on the state and country. It's the first time the school is doing something like this for its more than 600 students.