Restorations underway following underground explosion in Asbury Park

Restoration projects are underway along a busy street in Asbury Park following an underground explosion that rocked several blocks in the city on Thursday morning.
Officials say that the explosion was caused by an electrical issue. Businesses and homes were forced to evacuate and close following the explosion. Crews are expected to be out on the 500 block of Cookman Avenue until the work and investigation by JCP&L is complete.
People who lived in the area say that they heard the loud explosion and felt their homes shake.
“We’re staying with our son. We got in last night and we got up this morning and the fire alarms are going off and we heard a big boom and then we were told to evacuate the building,” says Glenn Mayer.
The explosion happened just before 9 a.m. Police say that several underground cables caught fire and caused smoke to build under the street, eventually causing the explosion.
All of the residences and most of the businesses have had their power restored, except for Savannah’s Candy Kitchen and the House of Independence. Those businesses were the closest to where the explosion occurred.