No tricks or treats: Bound Brook cancels Halloween celebrations amid COVID concerns

There will be no trick-or-treating this Halloween in Bound Brook after Somerset County borough canceled public celebrations because of the coronavirus.
The cancellations include trick-or-treating and haunted houses, much to the disappointment of many who revel in All Hallows’ Eve celebrations.
“Up until two days ago, I didn’t think I’d be out here talking about fighting for Halloween,” says James Thomson, of 31 Skeletons House, a Halloween attraction in Bound Brook.
The 31 Skeletons House is an outdoor event, leading organizers to question why it can’t take place.
“I'm a little confused as to how it wouldn't be safer than the events that they're allowing like eating at a restaurant,” says Dawn Klemm.
Thomson says that people are able to go a mile away to Bridgewater where Halloween is still on schedule.
“It doesn’t make any sense,” he says.
The Bound Brook CarnEvil is also impacted by the town’s decision.
"Every year it seems like it's more and more fun to just add new things and just see everybody's reaction to it, really brings us a lot of joy,” says organizer Joe Schonwit.
But the Schonwits say that they understand that this year is a little different because of the pandemic.
“There's ways to do fun things at your homes, there's ways to still to celebrate and make it special. If our lives are on hold for one year, in the grand scheme, it's OK,’ says Bonnie Schonwit.
The borough says Halloween house decorations and drive-thru events are still allowed. This comes just days after Gov. Phil Murphy issued state guidelines that permit trick-or-treating while adhering to social distancing and wearing non-Halloween-related masks.