News 12 special ‘Failing Foundations’ to air Tuesday at 9 p.m.

Years of neglect have caused issues roads, bridges and tunnels around the tristate.
Bridges and tunnels have been plagued by crumbling concrete and corroded steel.
And annual inspection reports are so heavily redacted that it is nearly impossible to know what the actual conditions are.
“They’ve made the document completely ineffective and not cable of being understood,” says Walter Luers, of the New Jersey Foundation on Open Government.
For years the rail commuters who travel between New York and New Jersey have had to suffer through endless delays.
The long-awaited Gateway Project is underway – paid for in part with funding from the infrastructure bill approved by Congress. But how much relief will it bring?
“I think we’ve got to pay a whole lot more attention in terms of the resiliency of our infrastructure,” says Chad Berginnis, of the Association of State Floodplain Managers.
And now new threats to the infrastructure are arriving in the form of severe weather.
“Our infrastructure is like these bridges - a catastrophe waiting to happen and the cost of failing to rebuild them is astronomical,” says Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
How did we get there and what do we do now to fix it? Join News 12 Senior Investigative reporter Walt Kane for a 30-minute special “Failing Foundations” Tuesday at 9 p.m.