New Jersey organizations on the move to assist Kentucky following deadly tornadoes

New Jersey organizations, including Red Cross New Jersey workers and local police, are on the move to assist Kentucky following deadly tornadoes.
The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police sent its services trailer to Kentucky with volunteers to assist in recovery and relief efforts.  
The New Jersey Red Cross officials announced they’ll be on the ground in the Midwest soon. 
“At this point now, two days after the storm, you’re going to start to see those appointments come from outside that region and division so that’s where you see people from New Jersey going out so we actually have people on the way today,” says Matthew Tete, with Northern New Jersey Red Cross. “They’ll be more people going out tomorrow and you’ll see that throughout the Northeast division.”
Also, New Jersey's Office of Emergency Management Task Force is ready to go if assistant request is needed.  
The Garden State has seen this group assist in several tragedies as of late. This weekend Gov. Murphy tweeted about the news in Kentucky.  
A specific number of Red Cross officials from New Jersey heading out to assist was not immediately available as details continue to be worked on.