Nearly 7,000 Teaneck residents receive incorrect mail-in ballots

Thousands of Teaneck residents received mail-in ballots with the wrong House of Representatives’ names printed on them, less than a month before the November election.
“Now I’m angry because this is not right,” says Nancy Greenfield, who received the incorrect ballot. “I am District 5, but I look at my paper – my ballot – it says I am District 9 and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, they gave us the wrong ballots.’”
Bergen County election officials say that more than 28,000 ballots were mailed to Teaneck voters. Greenfield is one of nearly 7,000 in the township who received an incorrect ballot. Bergen County Clerk John Hogan says that it was an isolated issue.
"There's two congressional districts in Teaneck and they received the wrong ballot for their congressman - the rest of the ballot was all correct,” Hogan says. "It was a programming error that had occurred in the mail house because of the volume of ballots that had to go out."
But the error did not sit well with voters like Greenfield.
“My ballot is a joke now. My voting rights are a joke now,” she says. “I feel like whatever the outcomes are in any elections at this point, I have no confidence in them whatsoever. None.”
Hogan says that there is no need to worry. He says that impacted voters have been identified and will receive corrected ballots in the mail.
“There’s going to be a stamp on the envelope, as well as on the ballot. It’s going to be marked clearly ‘corrected ballot,’” he says.
Anyone who received an incorrect ballot and hasn't voted yet should wait to use the corrected ballot. Hogan is also instructing those who may have already voted with the incorrect ballot, to vote again with the corrected one. In that case, he says only the corrected ballot will be counted.
The corrected ballots should arrive by the end of the week.

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