Tinton Falls couple returns safely to New Jersey after riding out Hurricane Ian

A Tinton Falls couple is safely back in New Jersey after riding out Hurricane Ian with friends in Fort Myers, Florida.
Frank and Chris Ann Lemkan were supposed to take a cruise, which was canceled. They decided to stay in Florida with friends.
When the storm hit, they say the rain was so bad that it led to some flooding on the street where they were staying. They say the wind also caught them off guard.
“The rain stopped, and we thought we were OK. Then all of a sudden as the eye was passing, then the winds really came through,” says Chris Ann Lemkan.
"We made it through [Superstorm] Sandy. But that wind wasn't as strong as what we experienced in Florida,” says Frank Lemkan. “We were watching trees go down, the wind gusts - just watching branches fall off trees. And they didn’t fall off the ground - they were flying through the air."
The couple was able to get a flight out of Fort Lauderdale Friday morning now that flights have resumed.