Englewood abortion clinic settles lawsuit

(AP) - One of New Jersey's largest abortionclinics has settled a lawsuit from a woman who had asecond-trimester abortion for $1.9 million.
Rasheedah Dinkins said she suffered massive hemorrhaging, acoma, a stroke and a hysterectomy after the 2007 procedure.
Dinkins was later taken to a hospital, which filed a formalcomplaint with the state. That led to a state inquiry ofMetropolitan Medical, which performs more than 10,000 abortions ayear.
State inspectors found dirty forceps, rusty crochet hooks usedto remove IUDs, and a quarter-inch of dirt and debris under anexamining table in the Englewood clinic.
Lawyer Frank Capese, who represents the facility, says he can'tdiscuss details because the facility's insurance carrier set astrict confidentiality agreement.
Capese says the facility has served tens of thousands ofpatients without incident.