‘Drink all the water.’ 7-week boil water advisory lifted in northern New Jersey

Thousands of people living in northern New Jersey now have safe and clean tap water.
This was after a seven-week boil water advisory because of issues stemming from Ida’s flooding. That advisory was lifted on Friday.
“I’m going to drink all the water – just for the sake of being able to drink the water,” says Tova Felder, of Clifton.
The Passaic Valley Water Commission says that it is now safe for its more than 250,000 customers to drink as much water as they would like from the tap.
“It’s become routine to bring bottles into the bathroom to brush teeth. It’s been way too long,” Felder says.
The advisory impacted Paterson, Passaic and parts of Woodland Park and Clifton. It went into effect when the New Street Reservoir was contaminated by the flooding.
“It’s amazing how much work it is to not have drinkable water. I feel for all the people in different countries who don’t have drinkable water,” says Clifton resident Rachel Castelino.
Many customers say that they hope Passaic Valley Water Commission has a plan in place to prevent something like this from happening again – and to do more to keep their customers in the loop.
“If you weren’t watching the news or didn’t have someone to tell you, you wouldn’t have known,” Castelino says.
The company is working to cap the reservoir to keep something like this from happening again. But officials say that it will be a lengthy and expensive project.
News 12 New Jersey was told that a $25 credit was approved to every affected account.