Piece of 9/11 steel on its way to London to become part of a memorial
A piece of steel from the World Trade Center retrieved after the Sept. 11 attack is on its way overseas.
The steel is on a United Airlines flight that left Newark Liberty International Airport en route to London. It will be part of a new 9/11 memorial there. It’s part of an effort to tell the story of the attacks.
Those who were there to send the item off say that it brought back a flood of emotions.
“Brings a lot of emotions back from the events of 9/11. It’s very good to see that people aren’t forgetting,” says Carl Scheetz, of FDNY Rescue 1.
"I worked in a few boroughs. We lost - I lost over 100 guys that I worked with that day,” says Dave Russell, of the FDNY. “It's like anything else, you only talk with people that were there. It's just something you don't bring up.”
Russell says that one or two firefighters die per week from 9/11-related illnesses.
Steel from the Twin Towers is used to make memorials around the world.

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