Increase in evictions, homelessness inspires Monmouth County orgs to team up and help
Dozens of New Jersey families have been evicted with rents continuing to skyrocket due to inflation.
Now, two Monmouth County organizations are teaming up in the hope of finding homes from those families.
Family Promise and Lunch Break are helping people like Danielle Gerbasi with not only everyday necessities, but also the education and support to get into a new home.
"I have a life coach currently who's helping me find a job in the medical field, something I would love to be in," Gerbasi said. She added that the groups helped set her children up in day care.
Lenore Gibson-Pettiford of Family Promise says they received 160 applications for service in 2020. "Now, today we're up to 303 families applying," she added.

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