2 men beaten by group armed with machetes and bats in Paterson
News 12 has learned a group armed with a machete and bats attacked a mechanic shop owner and one of his employees in Paterson two weeks ago.
The victims -- Edwin Izaguirra and Randy Campos – filed a police report with the Paterson Police Department claiming the attack all started because one of their customers parked in a spot where the alleged attackers did not want them to park
"I see a bunch of people walk over, but I was between the trucks, inside truck so I couldn't move, and I see someone with a bat,” said Izaguirra.
Surveillance cameras caught the assault where at least eight men attacked Izaguirra with metal and wooden bats and a machete.
"Somebody called me, come, come outside, somebody is hitting Edwin,” said Campos. “I come outside and tried to stop them, but it was too many people for us.”
Campos has owned the mechanic shop since 2010.
“We can't accept nobody coming in frightening our customers, our business owners just because they are fighting for a parking space,” said Councilman Luis Velez. “The attorney general has to investigate with the new chief of Paterson police and get on top of it.”

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