YouTube stars the Nelk Boys draw thousands of fans to Seaside Heights

Large crowds gathered Monday night at the famous "Jersey Shore" house in Seaside Heights after a group of YouTube stars known as The Nelk Boys made their way to New Jersey.
“Everyone was really excited for whatever YouTuber was here,” says Trisha Devoe, of Seaside Heights.
The Nelk Boys appearance at the famous house led to not only a quick response from Seaside Heights police, but also police from neighboring towns.
“Every township on the island was here giving support and the police were amazing,” says Devoe.
At one point, thousands of their fans, with many not wearing masks, showed up as the YouTube stars launched their new merchandise in the town.
“There was a lot of people,” says Shane Simonson, of Jackson. “I wasn’t too concerned, but I did not go in the crowd because of everything that’s going on and I live with my grandmother and I didn’t want to bring anything home to her.”
The group posted their own videos of the crowds on their Instagram page, in which they have more than 5.7 million subscribers. At one point in their video, the group claims they are about to get thrown out of the house, but the video then ends.
Mayor Tony Vaz says in all, five arrests were made. There is no word on any injuries.