What a wild year it’s been: Rutgers releases list of New Jersey’s Top 10 weather events

Last year brought another year of volatile weather to New Jersey. The Garden State saw everything from floods and tornadoes, to record warmed.
The state climatologists at Rutgers University have released a list of the Top 10 weather events to hit New Jersey in 2019.
“I mean we go back to 1950 with our good tornado records, and with nine this past year, that’s the second-most on record,” says climatologist Dr. David Robinson.
Robinson says that there were at least 12 occasions last year where weather stations picked up wind gusts of over 50 mph.
The list is as follows:
  1. 10th warmest year in recorded history
  2. 2nd most tornadoes on record
  3. 17th wettest year on record
  4. Windy weather
  5. Southwest flooding
  6. A shortened fall
  7. July heat wave and squalls
  8. Early fall flash drought
  9. Stafford Township deluges
  10. Snowy March
As New Jersey enters mid-January, forecasters say that it is possible to already see a top 10-worthy event for 2020 – record warmth. Warm weather is on its way for the Garden State and along the Eastern Seaboard. Temperatures could top 70 degrees in some parts of New Jersey next week.
And with mild weather so far this year, meteorologists say that snowfall seems unlikely to make the Top 10 list for 2020.