Welcome back! Morris Museum reopens to visitors following COVID-19 pause

The Morris Museum reopened to visitors on Tuesday following a closure caused by COVID-19.
The museum was off-limits to the public since March. Executive Director Cleveland Johnson says that it was painful when visitors were not allowed to enter the building.
“Like a dagger through my heard, every day that we were closed,” he says.
The Morris Museum is New Jersey’s second-largest art museum, welcoming 40,000 visitors last year. Visitors will now notice some new changes in the COVID-19-era. Tickets must be purchased online in advance, with time slots being reserved. Masks and social distancing are also required.
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Johnson says that the museum will be disinfected often. He says that the goal is to make everyone feel safe, but admits that it may take some time.
“Audiences are still very tentative about coming back to cultural organizations like us. So, I think it will be a slow rebirth,” he says.
While artwork from the new exhibit titled “Dissonance” was posted online during the shutdown, Johnson says that exhibits are designed to bring art and the people that enjoy it together.
“As curator, that’s my goal. It’s to try to bring people in and to experience the artwork in person,” says Ron Labaco, chief curator.