Unusually low holiday crowd strolls around Seaside Heights

Residents say Seaside Heights is nowhere nearly as crowded as it is on a typical holiday weekend.

Amidst coronavirus concerns, the beach experience is very different. Restaurants are only open for takeout, retail for curbside pickup and all the other attractions are closed.

"Without any of the arcades open, it isn't as happening as it is on MDW," says Jeff Levine, who spends his summers in Seaside Heights.
Arianna Levine, of Seaside Heights, agrees that the boardwalk isn't the same without the usual attractions.
"This year stuff isn't open so it's kind of boring, but fun because you can get food and stuff," she says.

Gov. Phil Murphy didn't hold a news conference Sunday, though he and the First Lady went out for a walk at the Seaside boardwalk. He posted on social media that he saw a lot of people wearing masks and following social distancing.
Jessica Deonarain, who traveled from Jersey city to Seaside Heights with her family, says while some people are wearing masks and following protocols she wishes more would comply.

"I don't think people are social distancing. I think people are still grouping up still," she says.
Social distancing protocols were in full effect at the restrooms. Attendants only let one person inside at a time, creating long lines.