Unacast: New Jersey is Top 5 in the nation at practicing social distancing

Good job, New Jersey. The Garden State ranks in the Top 5 for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the company Unacast.
Unacast collects and analyzes cellphone GPS location data.
The company used that data to launch a social distancing scoreboard to rank the states, by how much or how little Americans moved around while carrying their GPS-enabled devices.
Rounding out the Top 5 along with New Jersey is Washington D.C., Alaska, Nevada and Rhode Island. But the scoreboard found that residents of Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming were moving around a lot, and not staying at home.
New Jersey is among the states where governors have issued executive orders requiring residents to stay home as much as possible. Gov. Phil Murphy’s order bans any public gatherings, and requires all employees who can do their jobs from home to stay at home.
There is no evidence that the United States government is using phone data to enforce state-at-home orders or to track COVID-19 patients.
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