SOUTH PLAINFIELD - A recent study by the Alternative Press of South Plainfield shows that accidents have increased near red light cameras in the town.

The paper studied accidents near two intersections in South Plainfield with red light cameras. The study compared accident rates during the first six months of 2012 when there were no cameras with the first six months of 2013 when the cameras were turned on.

The Press found a 50-percent increase in accidents within 100 feet of the intersection.

The intersections studied were Stelton Road and Hadley Road, as well as Stelton Road and New Brunswick Avenue.

Officials in the borough of South Plainfield aren't happy with the cameras.

"It just shows that this is not about public safety, it's about filling the public coffers of revenue," according to Councilman Robert Bengivenga.

The lights are part of a pilot program that issues $85 tickets.

The mayor and borough council members plan to write a resolution in the coming weeks to the state Assembly and Senate to try and get the cameras removed.