Premium Service FAQ

Getting Access to

Who has free access to

Optimum Video, Optimum Online, and Optimum Voice customers have free access to the website.

I'm an Optimum customer. Am I automatically registered?

If you are an Optimum customer, you should have seamless access to through your home modem. There are areas of the site where you can customize content like saving your traffic cameras or weather locations. If you log in and save your preferences you will be able to access these saved preferences from any device. There is no registration for Optimum customers.

How do I log in to

1.) Click the “Log In” button at the top of the homepage

2.) To confirm your subscription, please fill out the form with your Optimum ID and password. Then click the submit button. If you don’t know your Optimum ID or password, click here for Optimum ID recovery or Optimum ID password. If you have trouble logging in, you can email us at, or call us toll free at: 1-866-394-7236.

What do I need to do to access

If you have an Optimum Online broadband modem, and you are in the News 12 coverage area, you should be able to access to the site without doing anything further.

If you are an Optimum customer but you are accessing the web from a different Internet Service Provider, or from outside the News 12 coverage area, or if you are not getting in from your home modem, you will need to supply your Optimum ID and password to verify your subscription.

Why is a subscription-only web site?

News 12 is a cable exclusive service and the website is an extension of the Optimum subscription benefit. School closings, emergency information, or other public service information remains available to everyone.

Will I have to pay to use

The service is free for Optimum customers.

Will I have to supply my Optimum ID every time I use News

If you are an Optimum Online customer using your broadband modem you will not have to supply your Optimum ID to access News 12. If you personalized your traffic or weather preferences when you were previously logged in, those options will be available when you log in on any device.

What if I am an Optimum customer and want to check from the office or another computer?

All you have to do is supply your Optimum ID and password. It is only necessary to do this once for each computer you use, as News 12 will set a cookie on your computer, which will remember your access information and all your user preferences. However, your computer cookies will need to be “enabled” and cookies are browser specific.

I signed up for News 12 Breaking News alerts or the News 12 News Brief prior to the change to subscription service. Do I need to sign up again?

No. The Breaking News Alerts and/or News Brief will continue to be sent to you without interruption and you do not need to sign up again for those features.

How do I reset a forgotten password?

If you have forgotten your News 12 password, on the log-in screen, you can click the “Forgot News 12 password” link under the password box. Please enter the email address you used when you previously registered for News 12. We will email a link that resets your password.

If you have forgotten your Optimum password you can click here to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your Optimum ID, you can click here.

What do you do with my information? Your privacy is very important to us and we take seriously the safeguarding of your information. For more information on how we use your information and protect your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

How do you protect my privacy? Protecting your privacy is very important to News 12. We take seriously the collection of personal information from our visitors. For more information on how we protect your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

What newsletters and alerts are available via email?

Breaking News Alerts – Stay on top of the day's biggest stories as they happen.

News 12 News Brief – Get the latest local top stories from News 12, hyper-local weather, national news, business, sports and more every weekday morning.

Where do I sign up for newsletters and breaking news alerts?

After you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the home page. Click on the ‘Sign Up for News Alerts’ or ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ buttons. You can enter your desired email address to sign up for the alerts or newsletter. It does not need to be the same email address you used for registration.

What should I do if I don't receive a newsletter or alert I signed up for?

You can email us at, or call us toll free at: 1-866-394-7236.

When will I begin receiving newsletters or alerts?

You should begin receiving newsletters or alerts as soon as you sign up for them.

How do I unsubscribe?

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter and breaking news emails. You can also click on sign up for emails and enter your email address. You will see your preferences on that page. Simply uncheck the emails you no longer want and click on update preferences.

What about mobile alerts?

See section below about the News 12 app where you can sign up for mobile alerts.

What can I customize on

When you customize please be sure you are logged in so that your preferences are available on all devices.

Customize weather location – Click on “Weather” in the navigation. That will bring you to the Weather Center. There you can search for a location by city, state, country or US Zip code and then click on “Save as Home City” or “Add to Saved Locations”. You can find your saved location on the right side of the weather page. You can delete and prioritize your saved locations by clicking on the edit button on top of the “My Saved Locations” box. If you click “Save as Home City” that will become your default weather location

Customize traffic location – Click on “Traffic” in the navigation to get to the Traffic page. You can save cameras two ways. First, under “My Traffic Cams” click on “Add a camera to your favorites”. That will link you to a page where you can select locations and roads. Click on the symbol to save the camera. Your saved cameras will appear in the “My Traffic Cams” box below. You can also add cameras by clicking on “Traffic” in the navigation and then “Traffic Cameras” underneath the main navigation. Then follow the steps above.

You can remove selected cameras by clicking on the icon under “My Traffic Cams” and then clicking . You can also prioritize the order of your cameras by dragging and dropping the name of the camera or by clicking on when you are editing your cameras.

Do you have an iPhone or iPad app? Yes! The News 12 app is available for the iPhone and android phones. The app is available for free for Optimum customers at the iTunes store and Google Play. You only need to enter your Optimum ID and password for access.

You can get your local news and information 24/7 on your iPad, laptop, or other internet enabled device by going directly to is optimized for iPads and tablets through your mobile device web browser. Please bookmark the site on your device for easy future access.

Can I get mobile alerts via the app?

Yes! When you first download the app you will be prompted to select the push alerts you want to receive and from which News 12 region. If you have already downloaded the app but did not sign up for alerts at that time, find the “manage alerts” banner that is on the top stories page of the News 12 app. You may then select your alerts and region.

Can I watch News 12 newscasts on

Yes, you can watch live streaming video of your local News 12 newscast and News 12 Traffic amp; Weather by clicking on the ‘News 12 Live’ and ‘Traffic amp; Weather Live’ buttons located just below the main navigation, under the News 12 logo. News 12 and News 12 Traffic amp; Weather can also be watched on your mobile device through on your iPad or tablet or through the News 12 apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch or android phone. To receive the optimal viewing experience, please stream News 12 while your device is connected to a WiFi service. Please note: Carrier charges may apply when streaming News 12 outside of WiFi.

How do I add my photos or videos to, and will they be used on-air?

To add your photos or videos to, click the “Photos + Videos” tab at the in the top navigation. If you aren't already logged on to the site, you will be prompted to log-in before you can upload. Log in is required to submit photos or videos. Once logged-in, follow the prompts, including clicking the release waiver to submit. Once received by News 12, photos and videos may be used on-air or displayed on the site, but not guaranteed.

Our code of conduct for sharing

Please read our Terms of Service for our full Code of Conduct for sharing on the site. Please make sure the comment you are posting complies with our terms. Be polite. Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator.

Technical Issues and Questions

Report a bug on the site To report a bug or bad user experience on the site, you can email us at, or call us toll free at: 1-866-394-7236.

Who do I contact if I can't resolve the issue?

You can email us at, or call us toll free at: 1-866-394-7236.

Which browsers does support?

On a computer, is best viewed with Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, your experience will be less than optimal.

What is the best screen resolution for viewing your site?

1024x728 or higher.

What if the type is too small for me to read?

You can make the type larger or smaller by clicking the “A-” or “A+” link in the article tools area, above the headline of any article. You can also adjust text size using your browser tools. This varies, depending on which browser you are using.

What can I do if the site loads slowly for me?

The time it takes the site to load depends primarily on the internet speed coming into your computer and other traffic or users on that Internet line. The site may load more slowly the first time you visit to since it has not been cached on your computer. After the first visit it should load more quickly. If you find that it loads more slowly than other news sites, you can email us at, or call us toll free at: 1-866-394-7236.

How do I use video on your site?

On the home page you will see a video icon on various stories. If you click on that story you can play the video. You can also visit the video gallery by clicking on “Video Gallery in the main navigation. The tools to control the player are on the bottom of the video player. You can view our HD-quality video in full screen mode by clicking on the full screen icon at the bottom right of the player. To close the video overlay, hit escape on your keyboard.

I am interested in making an online transaction on your site. How do I know it is secure?

Our site uses VeriSign SSL for security.

Send us your feedback on the site! You can email us at