‘Bring it on.’ Gov. Murphy responds to President Trump’s lawsuit over mail-in voting

Gov. Phil Murphy says that New Jersey will not back down regarding a plan to have mostly mail-in voting this November election.
Murphy is responding to a lawsuit filed against him and the state by the Trump campaign and the New Jersey Republican Party over the vote-by-mail plan.
“We will not back down. So, as they say, ‘Bring it on,’” Murphy said. “Vote by mail in this election will help keep people safe. Period.”
But President Donald Trump and New Jersey Republicans say that having the election be mostly by mail will lead to many problems.
“We're mailing out 6.2 million ballots. It's reasonable to presume that at a minimum, 620,000 ballots will not be counted of the 6.2 million ballots that are going to get sent out. One person's ballot not being counted is too many,” says NJ GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt.
The lawsuit has two objections. First, it says that the governor needs the state Legislature to approve the vote-by-mail expansion. And it says that mail-in ballots can be intercepted, altered or collected illegally.
“There’s only one way to ensure that a person’s vote actually counts and that’s to go in person and cast that vote by machine,” says Steinhardt.
But Murphy says that New Jersey residents can still vote in person if they choose.
“You can still vote in person. God bless you, we’re still going to have a least 50% capacity. Every municipality at least one location,” Murphy said.
Those who are voting at the polls will use provisional ballots that will allow election officials to check whether that person may have already voted by mail.
“The president's campaign is putting itself on record as wanting to delegitimize our November election instead of working with us to ensure voters' rights are upheld alongside public health,” Murphy said.
Steinhardt says that the lawsuit is not casting doubt on the voting process.
“Our position is very simple. We want a free, fair and open election in which every person who is legally entitled to vote can vote once and where their vote is actually going to be counted,” he says.
Murphy said that he is also open to polling sites that are outdoors.