Power & Politics - Full Show for Aug. 29

New Jersey Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski this week introduced a resolution to condemn the QAnon conspiracy theory.
 A yearslong series of posts from a supposed government insider nicknamed "Q" claim that President Trump is engaged in a battle against a "Deep State" of powerful business, government and media figures who among their crimes are child sex traffickers. The FBI has called QAnon a potential domestic terror threat. Joining the show to discuss that and more is John Cohen, a senior expert on Global Threats for the Argonne National Laboratory at Georgetown, and former undersecretary of Homeland Security.
Plus --  The governor gave a socially distanced second budget speech from Rutgers' SHI Stadium to present a new budget with COVID-19 revisions. Here to talk about that budget is the state's Treasurer Elizabeth Muoio. 
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