MIDDLETOWN - Police say a pizza deliveryman was robbed at gunpoint early this morning.

According to police, a Domino's deliveryman was getting back into his car after making a delivery on Geary Drive in Middletown when he was approached by two men. One brandished a gun, and the other was carrying a baseball bat.

The men demanded the driver's money and then ran to a car and took off. Employees at the Keansburg Domino's say their cars aren't marked so he may have been followed from the store.

The incident marks the fourth armed robbery in the Keyport and Keansburg area in the past week. Delivery drivers say they are not allowed to carry much cash so they will not be targeted by thieves.

Drivers say they are hoping to see some changes to the delivery hours. Domino's usually delivers pizza until 1 a.m.

News 12 has put out emails to the Domino's corporate offices asking if changes would be made to make the job safer for employees in Keansburg and Keyport. They have not yet responded.