Police: 2 people stabbed at Point Pleasant Beach, 2 suspects in custody

Two people were stabbed in an attack at Point Pleasant Beach near Jenkinson’s Aquarium, according to police.
Police officers, lifeguards and other beach patrol members were seen running towards the scene after hearing screams and a commotion.
Point Pleasant Police say that two men were stabbed in the incident and that two others were taken into custody.
The victims were taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center for treatment. Authorities say that it was an isolated incident, and that there is no threat to other beachgoers.
“It’s scary. I have children, so it’s scary for them to see that,” says witness Kitxia Morales. “We came to have fun, and something happens like that, it’s scary. It’s traumatizing for us. They shouldn’t have to see something like this.
The Point Pleasant mayor says that the stabbing happened around 4 p.m. while the beach was crowded with Labor Day beachgoers.
The victims are expected to be OK.