POMPTON LAKES - Some people that live along the Pequannock River in Pompton Lakes and Riverdale say time is not on their side.

The river is slowly devouring their backyards, inching closer and closer to their homes.

Barbara Stiehler says she has lost 65 feet of property to the rising river. The Stiehler's property is just one of many on Garden Road in Pompton Lakes and across the Pequannock in Riverdale that are slowly shrinking.

Twenty years ago, the Department of Agriculture undertook a project to stabilize portions of the river bank. However, last year's storm washed away that work. The Pompton Lakes Administrator tells News 12 New Jersey the Department of Environmental Protection is providing $380,000 to remove obstructions from the river.

Pompton Lakes, Riverdale, Pequannock and Wayne are applying for additional aid.FEMA has indicated there may be money available to stabilize the river bank, but it won't pay for the loss of property.