BELFORD - A federally funded dredging project to deepen the Belford Harbor will begin this summer.

The work is slated to begin this June.

Superstorm Sandy filled much of the harbor in with sand from the bay, greatly decreasing the depth. Local fisherman in the area are worried that waiting until June will be too late. They are worried that when fishing boats start showing up next week, they will be competing for space in the harbor with the Waterway Ferry. With water levels so low, there is a greater potential for getting stuck or collisions. 

Fishing boats need at least 8-10 feet of water to get in and out. Dredging would increase the depth to 12 feet.

The last time Belford Harbor was dredged was 15 years ago. The $2 million in funding for the project is coming from a Sandy relief package that passed through Congress.