EDISON - A book drive sponsored by a local gym is drawing donations from all over the state, giving hope to a school trying to rebound from a devastating fire.

The owners of Work Out World began the drive at their Edison location after learning of the losses at James Monroe Elementary School and expanded it to locations across New Jersey.

Bins at Menlo Park Mall are already filling up with books, school supplies and other needs, as the community helps the school start a new chapter.

Former student Renee Cataggio, 14, says hearing news of the fire was difficult. "I'm so sad and feel horrible they lost everything," she says. "I want to give back what they gave to me."

Work Out World management says the effort has become even more than they expected. "We got a lot of feedback from members and got families and even corporations to get together and help James Monroe," says general manager Bryan Elvina.

The book drive will go through next Tuesday.