NEPTUNE CITY - A Jersey Shore resident with cancer says her request to use her old driver's license photo from when she still had hair was denied by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Joanne Jodry, of Neptune City, says that she went to the Freehold MVC office Thursday to get her license renewed. Jodry has breast cancer and just lost her hair due to chemotherapy. She wanted to use her old photo from when she still had hair. She was told she could not.

"I was so embarrassed and humiliated," she says. "My scarf was off and one, showing them that I was bald. So I was just humiliated."

Jodry was allowed to keep on her head scarf, but still feels that it was discriminatory and insensitive. She says that other people she knows have been allowed to use their old photos.

"I went home and I asked my friends and every single person without exception told me they used old pictures," she says.

News 12 New Jersey reached out to the MVC for clarification on its policy regarding license photos. A spokesperson for the commission says that it is handled on a case-by-case basis and the MVC is looking into Jodry's situation.