ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP - A woman in Rockaway Township is hoping for a quick resolution after first spotting a young buck with an arrow through its head last week.

Susan Darrah shared a photo with News 12 New Jersey of the buck in her backyard. The photo shows the arrow entered one side of the buck’s face and exited the other side. Darrah says she was relieved to see that the wounded buck could eat and was part of a small herd, but she still contacted state game officials.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife biologist Kelcey Burguess tells News 12 New Jersey the injury likely occurred during the current bow hunting season. He adds that no bow hunter would have intentionally left the animal in its current state and that the situation may resolve itself.

The buck has been seen as recently as Wednesday, but so far he has elluded capture.

Darrah has been keeping a log of sightings and is in close contact with state game officials. She says she would prefer to see the wounded buck tranquilized and treated.

Anyone who spots the buck is asked to call the state Division of Fish and Wildlife at 609-292-2965

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