LODI - A North Jersey woman wants to know why her license was suspended for not paying a parking ticket she believes was unfounded.

The woman, who spoke to News 12 but did not want to be identified, says she was staying with her mother in Lodi for a night in June. Cars there are required to display a permit to park overnight on the street.

The woman says she was given permission to park overnight, but got a ticket anyway.

The woman's mother went to the police station two days later and spoke to the officer who issued the ticket. Police confirm that ticket was a mistake because the daughter had called ahead.

Her mother asked for a receipt or some kind of written confirmation, but was told not to worry about the ticket.

Lodi Court says it was never notified, and the ticket remained in the computer. Months later, the daughter got a letter stating her license would be suspended until the ticket was paid. The ticket and fee to restore her license was more than $200.

"It's completely unfair," the woman says. "It has caused a financial hardship for my family, as well as a hardship on my friend who had to drive me around for the last week."

Lodi police say all tickets must be resolved in court and that an officer does not have the authority to dismiss a ticket.

Officials say the woman was sent multiple notices before her license was suspended. She claims she never received anything.