JACKSON - A 19-year-old Lake Hoptacong woman says she was hit in the face by a flying object while on a ride at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Sabreen Nassar says she was on the El Toro ride on Friday when she says she was hit with something that felt like a bat to the face.

She says she now has a swollen lip, two broken molars and another missing tooth. She says her injuries will require extensive oral surgery.

Nassar says she has no idea what hit her because it happened so fast.

Representatives for Six Flags Great Adventure say they take safety seriously and enforce strict policies on loose items on rides. They say Nassar received immediate medical attention, but she says otherwise.

“They just gave me paper towels for the blood and that was it,” she says. “They kind of didn’t know what to do.”

Another rider sued Six Flags after suffering an eye injury from a flying cellphone on the same ride in 2014.

The ride was shut down Friday and cleared to reopen that night, but park officials say it chose to keep it closed for another inspection during daylight before reopening it Saturday morning.