NEW BRUNSWICK - The woman charged in the Rutgers webcam spying case will cooperate with prosecutors as she enters a pretrial intervention program.

A judge agreed to allow Molly Wei into the program during an appearance in a New Brunswick courtroom today.

Clementi's family issued a statement after the appearance saying, "These charges allege unlawful individual actions by Ms. Wei that resulted from her bad decisions that were made without regard for another's privacy and dignity." The family also said in a statement read by Joe Clementi it didn't object to the resolution, provided Wei gets "appropriate conditions of probation."

The 19-year-old could avoid any jail time and have her criminal record erased in three years if she cooperates with prosecutors, completes 300 hours of community service and has a job.

Wei and another former Rutgers student were accused of spying on Clementi's intimate encounter with another man days before the classmate committed suicide. Wei is charged with invasion of privacy.

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