RAMSEY - A Wyckoff woman says she became trapped at a railroad crossing in Bergen County Tuesday night. The crossing in Ramsey is considered one of the top five most dangerous crossings in the tri-state area.

Beverly Tesoriero says the incident happened near the Main Street crossing in Ramsey at around 8 p.m. She says the crossing gates came down while she was driving over the tracks.

"I noticed there was another car behind me also, and the gate was down," she says. "Immediately that triggered something in my mind, I looked left and saw the bright lights of a train."

Tesoriero thought she was trapped and considered leaving her car and running.  But in the next second, the gates shot up and she stepped on the gas to free herself.

In February, the New York Times listed the Ramsey tracks as the fifth most dangerous in the tri-state.  Elmwood Park was listed as No. 1. Safety improvements were announced there earlier this month. 

Tesoriero believes no alert system ever went off to let drivers know that a train was coming.

"We didn't hear a sound," she says. "It is an experience I will never forget."

A spokesperson for New Jersey Transit says that there are no records of any reported failures in the systems on that day.