FREEHOLD - A Monmouth County jury heard from one of the people who found the body of a toddler allegedly tossed by her father Arthur Morgan into a creek while still strapped in her car seat.

Tierra Morgan-Glover's body was discovered in the seat weighted down with a car jack so it would sink, police say.

Three teenagers strolling in Wall's Shark River Park in November 2011 discovered the 2-year-old's body. One of those teens testified about what they saw.

The teen testified that he and his friends called out to a park ranger for help. "When he got quite near the object he looked up at us and said I believe you boys discovered a dead body," the teen said.

Tierra's mother Imani Benton testified last week that she had broken off her engagement with Morgan just three days earlier and that he was furious. She called police when he did not return the child from a scheduled visit.

The jury also heard from retired Wall Township Police Detective Vincent O'Rourke, who was among the first to see Tierra's body. "What I saw initially I believed to be a doll until I got a closer look, and it was the lifeless body of a small black female child," he said.

The park ranger who those teenagers called for help also testified, identifying a pair of black and purple shoes he saw sticking up in the water.