OCEAN COUNTY - Homeowners in several Jersey Shore towns are investing in wind turbines to cut down on energy bills.

Vincent Craparotta of Seaside Heights installed his turbine about one year ago and it says it cut his electric bill from an average of $200 a month to just $50. The initial start up cost was $11,000 but it earned a tax write-off and an energy credit.

"I figure it would only take a couple of years for it to kind of pay for itself," Craparotta says. "Then it will just be a bonus."

Neighbors in a Toms River neighborhood say they don't mind shadows and a small amount of noise.

Businesses in Brick also made the investment in hopes of saving money in the long-term.

New Jersey also has the first coastal wind farm in the United States. Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm opened in 2005 in Atlantic City.