BRIDGEWATER - A Bridgewater man has joined the chorus of complaints that are echoing in other communities over birds that you'd normally find on a farm making their way into residential areas.

William Looper says over the last year, he's seen roosters and guinea hens roaming his neighborhood. He's taken videos and posted them online, and says his complaints have not been taken seriously, but he believes the nuisance is serious.

Looper says the birds make very loud screeching noises and leave droppings in his yard.

Residents in Howell recently complained about a man raising chickens in his backyard, and the owner was forced to move his coop further back on his property and get rid of some chickens. Similarly, the Waldwick City Council voted against a man who had kept chickens in hopes of harvesting his own locally grown eggs.

Looper says he doesn't want any harm to come to the birds, but he does want his town's rules enforced.